Becoming is going to Biloxi!

We are excited to announce that Lesa will be sharing her "Becoming" message with the ladies at New Life Family Church in Biloxi, MS on Saturday April 5, 2013.  


People have asked Lesa, "Just what is Becoming?"  And in case you are wondering to, here is her response:


It started with the completion of my recording project, BOOKMARKS.  My sister Sherryl challenged me with, “okay, you’re done…now what?”  Now what is usually the question you ask yourself at the end of something .... but as we talked it through, it was the realization of the beginning of something as well.  

We are ALL in the process of “becoming”.

def:  any process of change; Any change involving realization of potentiality; i.e. moving from your potential to actually realizing it.  Wow!  I want to realize my full potential in Christ.  I want to help women to do the same.  So basically …. We are an organized event specifically dedicated to encourage women to Become….do….achieve…..realize whatever your dream might be or might have been.  If you think you missed your chance….you didn’t.  If you think you made such bad choices that you can’t realize your dream ….. you didn’t.  If you think you’re too young ….. you aren’t.  If you think you’re too old… absolutely ARE NOT!


Your past may have influence who you are today ......

but it's up to YOU who you become!


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Be sure you save the date for our next event.... "The Perfect Fit!"  We have some very special guests sharing their journey to becoming!  We will have an incredible Breakfast prepared by Chef David at The Wesley Center.  This is a beautiful facility, if you haven't been before and we are excited to be there for this event.  

Located at 715 W.  Juniata Street, Downtown Clermont.


We have lots of Vendors....which makes fun shopping!  There will be prize give-aways and a photo booth.  There will be two wonderful women who will be sharing their testimonies of "Becoming".  Please join us!



It's never too late to BECOME!